DIY Skeleton Cage Halloween Decor

Since this is our first year decorating for Halloween in this house, we don’t really have that much in the way of Halloween decor. Our old house was much smaller so the little we had this year just wasn’t cutting it. So, we tried to find a few ways to get the most bang for our buck when it came to decorating, especially outside decorating!

We saw this super cute DIY project on pinterest a while back and decided to do our own version of it! We love how it turned out and our grand total for both? Around $50! Not bad! Especially considering these are kind of the main attraction on our front porch.

Cost Breakdown
Skeletons $15 each
Laundry Baskets $1 each (found at Dollar Tree)
Spray Paint $5
Zip ties $3 (for a pack of 50)
Rope $2
Eye hooks $2 for a pack of 4 (we only used 2)
Fairy Lights $5 each
TOTAL: $51

2 plastic round laundry baskets (in black or another dark color)
Black Spray paint (if you’re unable to find black laundry baskets)
36″ poseable skeleton
Black zip ties
Purple battery operated fairy lights
Thin black rope for hanging
Fisheye hook

1. If you are not able to find black laundry baskets, you will need to spray paint them black.
2. Cut out small holes in the top of one of the laundry baskets for the legs of the skeleton.
3. Place skeleton into first basket and pull legs through holes.
4. Place your battery operated fairy lights around the bottom of the bottom laundry basket, in the skeleton’s lap.
5. Put other laundry basket on top of the bottom basket so that it resembles a cage.
6. Use zip ties to tie the two baskets together.
7. Use zip ties to tie the skeleton’s hands up so that it looks like he is holding onto the cage.
8. Trim the zip ties.
9. Lace rope through the top of the cage and tie off.
10. Insert eye hook into ceiling and tie your rope into the hook.

That’s it! A super easy DIY Halloween decoration where you get a lot of bang for your buck.

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