What the heck is “Hogwartsing”?

The year Ben and I met, I was given the opportunity to take on a new job within the company where we both worked. I had been an office manager for about 9 months there at the time. The new job I was taking on was a brand new type of position for me and required me to do a LOT of studying. Like a lot.

At the time, I was a single mother of two and was barely making ends meet. This position didn’t necessarily solve all of my financial woes, but it certainly was the foundation that I built my career on in the future, which allowed me to do more than just pay bills.

I was offered his position in the Fall and would begin after Christmas. For the remainder of the year, I spent almost every waking moment studying for this position. Every other Friday, when the girls would go to their dad’s house, Ben and I would leave work together and go shopping for supplies. Usually this consisted of pajamas or cozy outfits and snacks. Then, we’d grab dinner and a Starbucks on the way back to my cozy apartment and sit in front of the fire until 2 or 3am, studying and working.

We used to turn on Harry Potter ASMR videos on the TV and Rainy Mood in our headphones. We usually had a Bath & Body Works candle burning too. We started “pretending” we were at Hogwarts, studying. We started referring to these nights as “Hogwarts’ nights.

Over time, we started referring to any type of work, reading, even computer games by candlelight as “Hogwartsing”. To this day, we do this a few times a week at least. During that time, I work on this blog (along with one other that I have) and he either plays DIablo 2 or works on side projects (he’s a developer by trade).

So, now you know…we are total weirdos. And also…we are definitely “Hogwartsing” right now. It was the rainiest, stormiest night and we are burning candles, drinking coffee, and have been working for the last 4.5 hours, since the baby went to sleep. I’ve been so productive and feel super cozy too.

Do you have a name for your study time or any “unique” habits that make you feel cozy or productive??

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