The First Signs of Fall 2021!!

We are officially Pre-Gaming for Spooky Season!!

We have made a bit of a tradition out of heading out to stores on Independence Day to get the first glimpse of Fall and Halloween decor. Last year, we obviously missed out on that because of COVID so this year, we hopped out of bed and dragged all the kids out of the house to At Home and Michael’s.

They did not disappoint.

We found a few partially completed aisles in At Home and mostly Fall Floral stuff at Michael’s. From here on out, we will likely spend our weekends at these stores, along with Homegoods, until Spirit Halloween opens and Target gets their stuff out. They usually don’t put Fall stuff out until after Labor Day but I always love their displays!

If you follow us on Instagram, you saw our first CODE ORANGE for 2021 there but here’s a little sneak peek of what we found on our first weekend out!

We look forward to post more on IG as we find stuff and we will be doing Fall Hauls on there and on the blog as soon as we start buying stuff.

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